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Deterring and dealing with ants

I love to watch ants go about their business. They perform an important role in the environment – cleaning up dead insects and animals, transporting seeds and aerating the soil but they aren’t so interesting when they are infesting our houses though! When this happens we usually reach for insecticides but there are more environmentally friendly ways of deterring ants:
• Pouring lemon juice around areas ants frequent.
• Sprinkle cinnamon or place in cheesecloth bags in affected areas. Cinnamon was a very popular choice with quite a few readers reporting it being highly effective.
• Baking soda can deter ants – pour a solid line in areas of activity and they won’t cross it.
• A ring of coffee grounds around sensitive plants can discourage ants.
• A puree blend of orange peel and water can be applied to an area to discourage ants from crossing.
• Ants hate vinegar; so spray it around doorways and other areas they frequent to repel them. A small container of vinegar mixed with honey placed in affected areas appears to do the trick too.

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