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African Goddess (Anti-Aging)
  90 minutes R 900.00
Begun with the mentally relaxing notes created by a Tibetan singing bowl, the African Goddess facial is a treatment designed to honour the goddess within. Our de-stressing, anti-aging, cell-renewal facial is rich in natural oils. Deeply hydrating, it restores elasticity and stimulates new cell growth. The back is scrubbed before a balm-infused back massage. Only once the back has been restored to its relaxed state does the facial begin. This treatment is a wonderful ritual that involves cleansing, massage and sound therapy, making it a sacred and sensory way to celebrate the Goddess within.
Africology Repair Facial
  60 minutes R 460.00
This wonderfully deep-cleansing and repairing facial naturally stimulates the glycosaminoglycan and collagen synthesis, Padinami® restores the elasticity in the skin and makes it look younger. The skin is plumper, firmer, and revitalised. This way, working to balance or maintain the skin’s natural, healthy radiance. For greater defence against external elements, restores moisture and firmness to dermis.

Majestic Awakenings (neck, shoulder and scalp)
  35 minutes R 322.00
Easy melting Shea from Ghana creates a sublime, beautiful body experience. Once applied to the skin, it deeply melts into the upper layers of the dermis to hydrate, soothe and condition. The Shea is combined with your sensory selection of exotic jasmine, neroli and geranium, or black pepper and rosemary for a deep tissue treatment or calming chamomile to relax. The treatment begins where your neck, shoulders and scalp are deeply massaged, dissipating tension and stress through touch and aromatherapy.
Bespoke Intuitive Herbal Oil Massage
Full body 60 minutes R 598.00
Back 30 minutes R 350.00
You may choose from a range of Africology aromatherapy-infused massage oils, which are warmly applied and massaged deeply onto the body. This therapy works on tight muscles and lymph drainage, combating stiff aching bodies. Massage is combined with herbal bags to improve circulation and absorption of essential oils. Your therapist will assist you in choosing the best suited for you from one of the following blends: Relaxing, Muscle Relaxing and Energizing.
Hot Stone Massage
Full body 75 minutes R 620.00
Back 45 minutes R 460.00
While providing additional deep tissue pressure, the stones infuse muscles with warmth while breaking up knots of tension. Our chosen massage medium is marula oil, which creates a hydrating and protective barrier while infusing the skin with powerful anti-oxidants and essential fatty oils.
Intonga Amasatchi
Full body 75 minutes R 730.00
Back 45 minutes R 550.00
We know the body has a memory of all emotional experiences. An inability to let go often expresses itself in the body that can blamed for low immunity. Intongo Amasatchi is a deep tissue and stress relieving treatment. Skillful movements are performed with the hands and differently sized wooden sticks are used to stretch muscles and ease toxic overload from daily stress. Symbolically, the stick or staff represented wisdom and direction to the healer. Created from yellow wood, the traditional healer knew that the energy of earth was valuable tool.
Soul of Africa Body Conditioning
Full Body 90 minutes R 690.00
Back 45 minutes R 460.00
Africology admires and emulates this ceremonial process, using Africa’s miracle marula oil blended with Neroli to soften signs of ageing through its anti- stress action. In Africa marula is also used to treat sun damaged skins as it improves skin hydration and also helps fight free radicals. This treatment starts with the application of warm, soothing mud to release negativity stored in the muscles. Then marula is applied in preparation for your intuitive body and scalp massage.
Body Exfoliation and Wraps
  90 minutes R 805.00

Come and enjoy a full body exfoliation and wrap to assist with exfoliating skin cells evenly and ensuring your skin feels soft, hydrated and revived. Enjoy a traditional foot ritual or deeply relaxing scalp massage while the wrap is melted into the skin. Finally, there is a soothing massage with body-conditioning marula oil, which creates a natural barrier to hold in moisture and improve collagen and elastin, to complete the experience. You have a selection between a Marula & Walnut scurb or a Sugar Scrub which is more suited for drier skin types. You then have the option of the following wraps:

Coffee and Mint : This wrap is particularly helpful in water retention and cellulite reduction. It is highly recommended as part of a Lymph Draining Treatment.

Immune Boosting : Our vitamin and mineral cocktail is enriched with plant extracts to promote a healthy immune system and is applied as a mud wrap and left to set on the body to stimulate lymph, collagen and toxin elimination. This is wonderful if you feeling tired and need some energy and rhythm back into your body.

African Potato : Our pure and natural Hypoxis Body Wrap is formulated with African potato and marula oil, warmly applied to soften, soothe and improve skin hydration while also fighting free radical damage.

Africology Shea Aromatherapeutics
Full Body 75 minutes R 598.00
Back 45 minutes R 350.00

Easy- melting Shea from Ghana blended with healing African potato, rooibos and natural essential oils creates sublime, beautiful body experience. Shea, normally as hard as rock, once applied to the skin melts deeply into the upper layers of the dermis to hydrate, soothe and condition. The Shea is combined with your sensory selection of various oils such as exotic jasmine, neroli, or chamomile for a soothing and calming massage or perhaps Black Pepper Balm for a deep tissue experience.

Balancing Scalp and Leg Ritual
  45 minutes R 360.00
A balancing massage treatment helping to relax, relieve tension in the scalp, legs and feet as well as working on calming and relaxing pressure points to help restore energy balance. This treatment works on the head, legs (including wrap) and feet individually but as a whole helps relax and relieve tension in areas that are often neglected.

Distress and Repair Hair Treatment

  30 minutes R 320.00
A balancing massage treatment that works to relax, relieve tension in the scalp, hydrate and repair damaged hair, this treatment works on the head and shoulders to intensively distress muscles and nourish the hair. Africology natural shampoo and conditioner is used to regulate oil secretion whilst shea butter balms are used during the shoulder massage.
African Potato Experience
Manicure 60 minutes R 275.00
Pedicure 80 minutes R 320.00
This relaxing remedy is about treating the skin and nails naturally to keep them hydrated and therefore flexible and strong. An intensely hydrating African potato wrap, blended with natural antioxidants is applied to ensure continued skin health and to rejuvenate the hands and feet. While the wrap sinks into the skin, the shoulders are also massaged.
Detoxifying Intonga Treatment
Manicure 60 minutes R 320.00
Pedicure 80 minutes R 360.00
In order to diminish the possibility of toxic effect on the immune system, we use detoxifying mud in our treatment to eliminate toxins. While the wrap sinks into the skin, the shoulders are massaged. The treatment includes a muscle relaxing Intonga Stick massage, which comprises of yellow wood sticks to assist lymph drainage and to massage muscles to their core. For our pregnant clients, we substitute Slimming Detox Mud with the Coffee and Mint wrap to safely assist with water retention and swelling.
Africology Standard
Manicure 45 minutes R 250.00
Pedicure 45 minutes R 250.00
For beautiful respite from high-energy nature of everyday life, join us for an experience with the difference. Your hands or feet will be massaged, your nails shaped and skin richly hydrated with our all-natural products designed to undo environmental damage to your skin.
Paint and Go
  30 minutes R 125.00


Allow yourself an indulgent pampering while you unwind in the tranquil setting that is Leopard Mountain Lodge.

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