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The Leopard's Tail

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The Leopards Tail January 2015

Good day to all our Leopards Tail readers!

While sitting at my desk trying to think of the right words to put down I have been distracted by an Nyala lamb that has just been born right outside the office… we have just spent the last half hour watching this beautiful sight of the little lamb learning to walk! What a year it’s going to be…

Good bye 2014… welcome 2015! If your New Year Resolutions are anything like our plans it’s going to be an amazingly fun-filled jam-packed year. With our pack of Wild Dogs about to be released from the reserve’s boma, we have started this year running...

Find out what has been happening on our wonderful reserve, and read about the special sightings and encounters with our wildlife on last month’s walks and game drives... from our rangers Hanroe, Alden, Themba & Simon...

Firstly, from the Rangers’ side, season’s greetings to everyone. Hope that you all had a great festive season. It’s been a month of plenty here in the bush. From watching Wildebeest calves coming into the world, to following the progress of the Lion cubs as some start to partake in hunting, whilst others try to decipher the mystery of the big iron horse (our game vehicles).   

Christmas morning we were spoilt with great sightings of Lions and then sat down to a bush breakfast under the shade of some Acacia trees as the temperature soared.

We said goodbye to the old year with a beautiful sighting of a big male Leopard. This was the third sighting of this male in the last month.

Our Wild Dogs arrived in December and should be released from the boma by the end of February. The introduction of the Wild Dog pack is going to be a great addition on the reserve and will definitely provide some amazing sightings in the next few months.


As we continue to hope for the much needed rain, we look forward to 2015 and for everything it has in store for us.


You could be the lucky person to win yourself and a partner a free night including dinner, bed & breakfast and game drives at the lodge. You may email us your answer to  (Competition closes 20th of February 2015. Terms & conditions apply).

Solve this Riddle - Bright as diamonds, Loud as thunder, Never still, A thing of wonder.
What am I?


Chocolate Panna Cotta with Spiced Pepita Brittle.
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There was a duck who walked into a store and said, “got any candy?” The storekeeper said, “no, we don’t.”

The next day, the duck went into the same store and asked the same thing and got the same answer.

The duck kept going back every day for a week until the store keeper got so angry he said, “if you come in here and ask that again, I will hit you on the head with a hammer!” The next day, the duck walks into the store and asks, “got a hammer?” The store keeper says, “no.” Then the duck asks, “got any candy?


09/12/14 – Astrid Van Zeeland – Stellenbosch
“Again it was great, we will be back for a 4th time!”

09/12/14 – Bernardina Lukken – Netherlands
“First safari experience and it was amazing!”

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In today’s world, we all need to look at finding ways to repair and prevent further man-made damage to our environment. Some of us are aware of this, yet do nothing as we think that only a huge project will have any appreciable impact. This, of course, is not the case. Any effort, no matter how small is a start. And if everyone made small positive changes, what a difference we could make!


Thank you to everyone who responded to our competition! The winner of our LEOPARD MOUNTAIN competition for December 2014 is Cheire Richardson.  Congratulations! You have won yourself and a partner a free night.

Last Month’s Competition was:
Thirty men and only two women, but they hold the most power. Dressed in black and white, they could fight for hours.
Who are they?

A Chess Board


“Look deep into nature and you will find Peace” – anonymous

…till we chat again next month...



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