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Big 5 Walking Safaris

Go on a trail with one of our very experienced guides as they lead you expertly through majestic scenery and introduce you to the African Bush. The Walking Safaris, or Trails as we call them, are an opportunity for you to use all 5 of your senses to enjoy nature, taste the fruit of the Red Ivory Tree, hear the sound of branches cracking as a Black Rhino feeds, smell the freshness of the bush after a thunderstorm, see the awesome power of an Elephant as it pushes over trees to access the roots and feel the sand under your feet as you stroll bare foot through the river.

 NB: Please note, bookings can only be made for our Guided Walking Safaris at reception on arrival or during your stay. AND PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS SUBJECT TO AVAILIABILITY! 

Please note guests have to be 16 years and older to participate in our Walking Safari's

Allow yourself an indulgent pampering while you unwind in the tranquil setting that is Leopard Mountain Lodge.

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Big 5 Walking Safaris

Really experience Africa being professionally guided through Big5 territory, within a pristine endangered species reserve.

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Join this intimate encounter with Rambo, Rachael and Jabulani, Learning about their history, enjoy touching and feeding these majestic giants.

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Relax, unwind and rejuvenate under the African skies

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