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June 11, 2012
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June 26, 2012

All Round Activity

19 June 2012

Posted by: Guides

Good day all readers

This past week has been filled with loads of activity ranging from a bull elephant smashing and breaking down some of our massive Sycamore figs trees in and around the river bed only to then feed on the small figs, to viewing kudu’s peacefully feeding on a bush and to our surprise sharing that same bush was a black rhino bull only a few meters away from the vehicle.

The lions have been quite busy too. Vocalising and making their presences known to all the other lions, even the ones from neighbouring reserves. As for our spotted friends, the cheetah, one of our guides coming back from his off days got to see an awesome sighting of this cat drinking from one of the water holes close to the lodge. It was in no real rush and when it had its full, it elegantly strolled off without looking back and disappeared into the sunset and long grass!!!

A couple of other interesting sightings have been banded mongoose drinking water at the hide, a breeding pair of Brown Snake Eagles sitting in a tree in plain sight allowing all to see. We also spotted Crown Eagles bringing food back for what we think may be chicks but unfortunately no one could confirm this, not even with a good pair of binoculars.

Till next week’s instalments…
The Ranger Team