Birds And Black Rhino

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September 19, 2012
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October 4, 2012

Birds And Black Rhino

24 September 2012

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Hello Bloggers

First of all happy Heritage day – and what a week we have had leading up to it! With spring kicking in and the recent rains transforming the bush to luscious new shoots, we have seen a wealth of new activity.

Our bird life is starting to go wild – Red Chested Cuckoos and Paradise Flycatchers among others have joined us again for the summer. Red-headed Weavers have also been spotted building a nest way out of their distribution.

Many species are taking on breeding plumage and we were lucky enough to see some Lylac Breasted rollers performing mating displays.

White and black rhino alike have been taking advantage of all the new vegetation along with the plains game. We had one of our best black rhino sightings ever this week – with a bull mud bathing, scent marking and having a sleep in the sun before practicing geophagy by licking rocks to try and obtain minerals. This interesting and rare sighting definitely made the week.

Some other exciting moments have include a Wahlbergs eagle hunting Crested Francolin and a Crowned Eagle breeding pair being spotted in a nest in the Fever tree forest. Things are definitely looking great for summer!!

Hope you’re enjoying the spring-time as much as we are,

Till next time, Sala Kahle.