Burst Of Green

Guides Report 11-Sep-2012
September 11, 2012
Birds And Black Rhino
September 24, 2012

Burst Of Green

19 September 2012

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Hi Everyone,

We have seen even more rain this week and with the sun back again, the bush has now got its summer colour. The trees have all started to show all their leaves transforming to a wash of different hues of green.

One afternoon we found a black rhino marking along his territory. Preoccupied with his present task, he ignored the vehicle as we closely watched him complete his day to day tasks.

On a game drive we were caught in the middle of some heavy rain. While battling through the slippery conditions, we found out that we weren’t the only one’s having some difficulty as we came across an Elephant bull. The Elephant while trying to catch up with the breeding herd had too become caught up in the treacherous conditions and was sliding across the road in search of some slightly drier mud to walk on.

We had a good sighting of a lone dagga boy enjoying all that spring has to offer, a good wallow in the mud, dining on the freshest grass nature has to offer and then to end the prefect day was relaxing in the late afternoon sun.

We’ve had some very rare and beautiful bird sightings. Upon hearing a Gorgeous Bush-Shrike calling during the morning chorus, one of our guides, Andrew relentlessly imitated the call back until the elusive bird came to investigate the “intruder”. Another morning we happened to come across a Narina Trogon, unusually out in the open warming up in the sun.

Until next week…
The Ranger Team