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Busy Week

05 April 2012

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Hi everyone,

This week has been an interesting one and has had Elephants all over the place.
We’ll start with a spine chilling sighting of three male lions showing everyone just why they are king of the bush, the lions followed the reversing vehicle for several kilometers vocalizing and making sure everything knew that this was their territory.

A male Cheetah has been seen to be moving great distances all around the reserve keeping everyone on their toes as to where he will be spotted next we feel are due to the fact the Lions have moved into his regular spot.
Elephants have been seen a lot this week mainly moving along the river and feeding close by ,offering an excellent view into the life of a Elephant from the smallest babies to the enormous adult bulls as we’ve had the opportunity to watch them doing their daily activities such as dust bathing and playing with the youngsters.
Hippos, breeding herds of Buffalo have been seen on walking trail as well as a large Elephant bull not for the faint hearted but our highly qualified trails guides make this possible.