Cheetah And African Wild Dog

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July 17, 2012
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July 30, 2012

Cheetah And African Wild Dog

24 July 2012

Posted by: Guides

Good Afternoon Loyal Leopard Mountain Blog Readers

We have had a great week of sightings!

The other day we responded to a Cheetah sighting and alas the sneaky cats were no where to be found The next morning we went out for our drive and while we were parked ‘just listening’ we could hear Impala snorting and barking. We made a quick u-turn and went looking and what did we find…..3 Cheetah, a mother and her 2 kits (+/- 11months old). We followed the spotted ones all the way down to a waterhole. Here they treated us to drinking and playing, often going for moms tail. We watched them for about 15mins and they just suddenly got up and left. We followed them and they disappeared into the tall grass.

We turned back to the waterhole and saw a herd of +/- 70 Buffalo coming down to the water. This is why the Cheetah left; they could feel the vibrations of the Buffalo approaching the water. We are glad to say that the herd had quite a few young calf’s amongst some VERY protective mothers. The Buffalo moved off and a few minutes later turned and started a mini stampede towards us. Out of the bushes came a Black Rhino. Two of the females decided to have a horn clash; one had gotten to close to the others calf!

We have had a great time with the Elephant, seeing them on a regular basis in the Fever Tree Forest and the Fig Tree Forest. Some of the youngsters have taken to eating Flame Thorn; it must be a teenager thing!!! Today our guests were treated to an Ellie Bull coming down to the hide for a drink. This after he was thoroughly tracked this morning.

The one female Cheetah and her two kits have taken a liking to our game lodge road and our area…it must be the abundance of game here, even after game capture has taken place. Our guests were also treated to African Wild Dogs hunting. The one dog was digging a warthog out its burrow while the other was blocking all exits.

We have also had a great Leopard sighting. Guests got to watch a young female walk down the road and lie down near the road. The lions have also been seen and I am happy to say that they are fat, healthy and lazy, the King of the jungle is happy!!!

Special Sightings this week: a journey of 15 Giraffe, Porcupine, Red Duiker, Grey Duiker and Aardvark

We were also treated to a mating pair of Crowned Eagles on their nest in our Fever Tree Forest.

Have a great week!
The Leopard Mountain Guiding Team