Colder Days

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April 12, 2012
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April 23, 2012

Colder Days

19 April 2012

Posted by: Guides

With the changing of the season we have started noticing the Marula trees starting to loose their leaves and the winds getting colder. The weather has been getting much colder on the whole and the nights are starting to produce great sightings earlier in the evening. On one drive alone, there were two porcupines, two spotted eagle owls, a flap necked chameleon and a spotted hyena with the hyena being seen only 500 metres from the lodge. The one porcupine was incredibly inquisitive and approached the vehicle to within around seven metres, making for a perfect photo opportunity.

On another night we also found three male lions feeding around three metres from the road on what we later discovered was a ram impala. These three lions have been taking many warthogs recently so it was good to see them getting some variety in their diet.

Not everything happens at night though and we also found a pack of six wild dogs on the hunt one morning. Within five minutes of finding the group, we watched as one wilddog flushed an animal from cover that the others chased and killed around 500m further down the road in a thicket. Just last evening we also found a male cheetah that had gorged itself to near bursting point. With a belly that looked as though it was smuggling a fully grown warthog, his movement was very slow and after moving around 30 metres, he had to flop down and rest again.

Cheers again from the Guiding Team