Drive Updates

The Lion Hunt
January 12, 2012

Drive Updates

2 January 2012

Posted by: Guides

Good morning and happy new year everybody.

The new year has brought an array of sightings with it.

A couple of drives have produced leopard shortly after sunset.
A large male leopard has been seen twice in an area that he hasnt been seen in before. This is a great sign as it may mean we have a new comer to the area and some new jeans.
The female with two cubs of about one year of age has finally showed her cubs off.

She and her two sub adults were spotted only 400 meters from the lodge, crossing the road and making their way up to the rocky outcrop just above the lodge.

The cheetah has been spending the heat of nearly every day on a dam wall which is very well shaded and full of water after the last rains.
It seems he never looks to be hungry, he rather looks full and content and even proud of himself as he lies and enjoys his afternoon naps.

Buffalo sightings have been plentyful too. Two herds have been viewed on a number of occasions here at leopard mountain.

The elephant breeding herd along with the dominant bull have decided to come back to the leopard mountain area from up north. after finding tracks and signs in the form of broken marula branches it was very simple to catch up with the herd.

Elephants, although large, can simply melt into the thicket right beside you leaving nothing but dust and tracks in their paths. The most effective way to find elephants in thick cover is simply to switch off the vehicle and listen out for the sounds of cracking branches and deep rumbles that elephants produce when communicating.

The coalition of lion brothers have also made a strong presence in the last week.
with bellies even fuller than the cheetah, viewing has been a pleasure.
The three brothers even splayed themselves out in the middle of the road on one occasion, surprising every vehicle full of guests as they turned a corner and happened upon these large felids.

Have a great week all.

The ranger team.