Elephant Bulls And Disgruntled Lions

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May 23, 2012
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June 11, 2012

Elephant Bulls And Disgruntled Lions

29 May 2012

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Good afternoon everybody….

Yesterday afternoon a bull elephant was seen no more than 50m from the lodge. His tracks made their way down to the dry river bed so Andrew, our new ranger who has recently joined us from Botswana, tracked the bull on drive and found him near an old natural waterhole in river. Elephants prefer fresh water and will dig in the soft river sand to find water rather than drink from stagnant surface water. The game drive watched him digging for 45min until he managed to claim his prize of fresh water.

We had interesting sightings of lion this week with a coalition of three males trying to sort out their hierarchy amongst themselves; it looks like the least dominant male will split from his brothers. It may turn out that the younger brother will meet up with some of the females first as he will be forced out of the territory and forced further North into the reserve, where the females have established themselves. We had the pleasure of spending an hour with the 2 dominant males one evening on drive, we listened to them as they were territory calling, a sound so loud it causes the side mirrors on the vehicle to vibrate.

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