Game Viewing Update

The Lion Hunt
January 12, 2012
The Sun is Shining
February 14, 2012

Game Viewing Update

6 February 2012

Posted by: Guides

Hi all…

These last two weeks have been extremely productive and game viewing on a high.
Some of the highlights,
After spending some time tracking the lions one morning we came across them in a lovely area with shade, water and noticed they had full belly’s. The next couple of days lead to some close sightings and watched them become more and more active as they digested there meal with this in mind we knew the next hunt was close approaching.

One evening as the sun was setting we brought out the spotlights and were looking forward to finding some nocturnal species, after some time we heard the alarm calls of some wildebeest and to any guide these calls are all ways of interest.

On approaching the area one of the males was crouched as low to the ground as possible and we realised we were in the middle of the hunt we switched the lights off as to not interrupt them and after a few minutes we heard the lions had managed to get hold of a sub adult, lights back on to watch the rest of the hunt it is quite rare to be able to witness such an event, an exciting one at that.

The wild dogs have made there way onto the reserve and we are hoping they make themselves at home they were spotted from the deck of the lodge while our guests were having breakfast what a pleasure. We look forward to finding them soon.

A hyena was spotted merely 400m from the lodge feeding on an impala carcass these amazing animals play an important role in the ecosystem.

On the bird side of things a Spotted Eagle Owl was seen taking a bat in mid air as a meal for the evening.
Secretary bird, Brown Snake –Eagle, Bateleur, Broadbilled Rollers, Ostrich babies have all been seen on drive and many more.

We look forward to this coming week .
Keep well all

The Guides