Guides Report 11-Jan-2013

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January 8, 2013
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January 15, 2013

Guides Report 11-Jan-2013

11 January 2013

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Hello Everyone,

Depending on your global positioning you will either be reaping the benefits of summer or cozying up for winter. Here in Zululand the temperatures are soaring and recent days have been filled with sunshine and blue skies. This has led to some fantastic sightings at the mud wallows and waterholes. We witnessed white rhino sharing a muddy natural pan with a 90 strong herd of buffalo ! A massive bull elephant was spotted spraying himself down and kicking up mud and water in the sweltering heat.

Much excitement was had while tracking down the lions as they continue to patrol the perimeter of the reserve, ending in some amazing pictures of the kings of the bushveld. Highlight of the week for us was a territorial male cheater meters from the car scent marking and moving along some grassy plains.
After a wonderful week of sun and sightings, looks like a thunderstorm is brewing and we may be gathering on the deck later for a brilliant show of lightning over our piece of paradise.

Until next time – Salani kahle!
The Ranger Team