Guides Report 15-Mar-2013

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March 8, 2013
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March 27, 2013

Guides Report 15-Mar-2013

15 March 2013

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Dear Bloggers…

The sight of lions hunting and the way they show patience leading up to the powerful attack puts a smile on any face! Our cats graced us with their presence and brought excitement to all who joined us on our journey these past few days. We had some beautiful sightings of our well protected White Rhino as they grazed right next to us on the wide variety of vegetation provided with the view of the sun setting in the background; perfect for all types of photographers aiming for that picture perfect shot! While enjoying the view of our African Buffalo feeding along one of our pans we found a Leopard tortoise just making his way past with an array of beautiful birdlife among the surrounding vegetation. A tower of giraffe browsing the tops of the trees was found everyday showing us all sorts of behavior that make them unique in every way. While tracking down big game; we bumped into a variety of antelopes, reptiles and a wide range of insects which amazed our guests and made their experience unforgettable! Always on the lookout for new memories and adventures, we are looking forward to the upcoming week and what surprises it may bring!

Until next week…
The Ranger Team