Guides Report 27-Mar-2012

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March 20, 2012
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Guides Report 27-Mar-2012

27 March 2012

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Good Morning Everybody

What a week of amazing sightings it has been!!! Where do I start?

A coalition of 3 brother lions have been seen this week near the river bed and everybody is sure they will settle in this area, as they were heard calling near Gwarri Road we wait in patience to see if the females will respond. Buffalo have been seen on numerous occasions and yesterday we were able to view them bathing and getting all muddy to help get rid of the flies. Along with the breeding herd there were many calves and three huge dagga boys that stood out. Also a regular sighting this week has been three individual Cheetahs, one of which was a spectacular sight of a male lying low as he watched male lions walking in the distance not more than a kilometre away.

This morning bought us a sighting of three black-backed jackals lazy and with full bellies. At the same site we also saw Lesser Grey Shrikes and a Tawny eagle hiding in an Umbrella Thorn and loads of plains game.

Some rarer sightings this week: Bronzed Winged Courser, Lesser Grey Shrikes, Lapped Faced Vulture and a shy Slender Mongoose.

We put up a camera trap not far from the hide, and we are hoping to get pictures of a female leopard whose tracks have been seen in the area. For updates on our camera trap please “like” our Facebook page.

Keep well all
Ranger team.