Guides Report 23-Jan-2013

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January 15, 2013
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Guides Report 23-Jan-2013

23 January 2013

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Hello Everyone,

This week has been a bit wet but the animals haven’t noticed much and neither have we.

The one afternoon we came across four female Lions waking up from a midday catnap. After a lot of yawning and grooming one female got up and started to head toward a group of male Giraffe. She made no effort to conceal herself which at first appeared odd but was all a part of their plan, the Giraffe simply moved off whenever she came close and avoided her rather slow attempts to catch them. The Giraffe were so preoccupied with the first female that they failed to notice the other three move off to the roadside and readied themselves for an ambush. The first female Lion spilt one of the Giraffe off from the group and started to drive him back towards the road. Fortunately for the Giraffe he managed to spot the other three females before it was too late and made a quick dash to the rest of the herd for safety.

Once we were on our way again we ran into a couple of young Buffalo bulls, known as pathfinders. They were scouting out a trail for the rest of the herd as they moved along one of the rivers. Afterwards we found a suitable spot for some sundowners, during which a male Leopard started vocalizing for territory a mere 100m from where we had stopped.

Other interesting sightings have been a breeding herd of Elephants with the youngster catching on as to what is tasty and what’s not, White and Black Rhinos, one in particular enjoying the early morning sun so much he decided to take a snooze. A Blue Waxbill seen feeding their chicks with difficulty as each chick chirped for the first mouthful and a Spotted Eagle Owl eating a large veld mouse.

Until next week,
The Ranger Team