Guides Report 25-Feb-2013

Wild Week
February 13, 2013
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March 8, 2013

Guides Report 25-Feb-2013

25 February 2013

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Hi Everyone,

This week has been jam packed with action…

To start off the week we had the beautiful wild dogs (painted wolves) around the lodge and beginning our morning drives with amazing sightings of these incredible animals on the hunt. Their ability to work as a team with each member knowing exactly how and what to do at any given time. Wild dogs are incredibly successful hunters catching every 9 out of 10 attempts. The pack is 14 strong and need to eat at least twice a day.

We also had an incredible leopard sighting of a big male which we followed for about 15min as he marked his territory along the road right in front of us, our guests having an awesome chance to take amazing pictures and video’s of these elusive creatures. Most of our guests had never seen a leopard before so this was a special treat.

On the Lion side of things one sighting in particular was most memorable… While watching some female lionesses relaxing next to the road the one female got up stretched up against a Marula tree in an instant she took off towards the vehicle after a family of warthog the female managed to catch a warthog within seconds and a mere ten meters from the vehicle this truly was an experience for guides and guests alike.

Buffalo, Rhino and Elephant have also been a big part of the drives with some up close and personal experiences. A big elephant bull has been around, one morning he was found up north of the reserve and in the afternoon we found him nearly 15 kilometers away in the south; the bull had been in musth which explained his huge movements.

Until next week…
The Ranger Team