Guides Report 22-Aug-2012

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August 7, 2012
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August 27, 2012

Guides Report 22-Aug-2012

22 August 2012

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Sanibona Readers

This week has been filled with some exciting tracking on game drives – sometimes ending in success and sometimes not – as it goes in the bush. After 2 days of audio, a maze of tracks and discovery of an extremely fresh kill; our guides were delighted to find 2 male wild dogs relaxing in the river bed. After some play fighting only meters from the vehicle, a bit of rest and some stick chewing they eventually shot off into the thickets. An amazing Leopard sighting was seen from the deck of the lodge! From the pool we watched as a Leopard stalked and caught a warthog, for those of you that have been to Leopard Mountain you will know that the river is far below the cliff that the lodge sits on but we could see the leopard perfectly with a pair of Binoculars. Rhino sightings have been amazing – with both Black (Hook-lipped) and White (Square-lipped) Rhino being seen on numerous occasions, most females being accompanied by young calves which is lovely to see. We even had a Black Rhino walk straight past room 5 and the parking lot. A male cheetah with a very round looking stomach was spotted just off the road majestically scanning the plains on a clear winter’s day; this made for some awesome photo opportunities and a great sighting overall. Elephants have been hard to track as they move around in the river serching for green browse but we have been rewarded with a number of good sightings and some close encounters. Birding has also been really good as the change of the season creeps closer – some highlights for us have been the Western Barn Owl, African Wood Owl, Grey Hornbill, Black Coucal, Eastern Nicatar, Lylac-Breasted Rollers and Black-Bellied Bustard! What a week…

That’s it from the rangers, have a great week everyone.