Guides Report 4-Feb-2013

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January 23, 2013
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Guides Report 4-Feb-2013

4 February 2013

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Hello Everyone,

Another magnificent week in Zululand with the recent rains keeping the Msunduzi River in front of the lodge flowing, resulting in an even more spectacular view than usual.

The game drives have produced some memorable moments this week. One particular morning started with a breathtaking sunrise and only got better as when surveying the landscape the female lions were spotted quite a distance away. We raced to the sight only to find they had gone down a hill. We then tracked them down and found them on the road listening intently to the nearby Wildebeest herd. At this point we realized they were about to hunt. We watched in anticipation as they split up and surrounded the herd, a chase ensued but the lionesses were unsuccessful. After regrouping they went to lie under a tree to rest for the day.

Another drive gave our guests a very special moment with a black rhino. After spotting him in the thickets we sat very still and quiet watching him feed. He soon came out of the thick bush and started to slowly approach the vehicle in a very non-threatening manner. We all watched in amazement as he came closer and closer eventually putting his top lip onto the vehicles bullbar. After checking us out for a minute or so he turned and headed back to the thickets. This is extremely unusual behavior for black rhino as they are usually quite skittish, which made this sighting all the more special.

The Elephant breeding herd was also spotted this week. They were found spread out in the road happily feeding. All of us were treated to a giggle as we watched one of the youngsters trying to push over his first tree. He pushed and pushed and managed to get it caught in the surrounding plants. As he stood back to admire his handiwork the tree suddenly became unstuck and sprung back and knocked him in the head. Although unhurt he got a big fright and ran in full trumpet back to his mom.

With all the water around the reserve a lot of kingfishers have been seen. One particularly exciting species being the Pygmy Kingfisher, he was spotted in the forest near the river sitting on a tree stump less than a meter from the vehicle. Incredibly he allowed us to drive up and take photos of him as he enjoyed his breakfast grub.

Looking forward to another week in the bush…

Until next time,
The Ranger Team