Guides Report 11-Sep-2012

Spring Has Arrived
September 4, 2012
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September 19, 2012

Guides Report 11-Sep-2012

11 September 2012

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Afternoon all readers,

The lodge experienced a huge amount of rain this past week, up to 180mls. It’s the earliest so much rain has been seen in many years. The bush is looking beautiful with many green shoots popping up everywhere, lots of new food for many animals.

A couple of evenings ago a few lions were heard vocalizing a few kilometers away from the lodge, the closest they’ve been heard yet.

Early one morning a massive bull elephant was seen casually walking down the middle of the road and then proceeded to wallow in the mud on the shore of a large dam. Doing this will help him rid his body of parasites and ticks by rubbing them off on a scratch post like a nearby tree (as elephants are intolerant of oxpeckers, a small bird which cleans most herbivorous animals of their parasites).

Two male blue-headed tree Agamas were seen fighting in a tree, most probably over females as there will usually be a group of females to a dominant male.

A large rock monitor, more than a meter long was spotted running along the ground and then disappearing into a hollow in a dead tree.

Some wonderful sightings of the following birds have been seen all round; bateleur, immature martial eagle, green wood hoopoes, grey penduline tit, square tailed drongo, and a pair of wood owls.

Till next week…