Guides Report 16-Oct-2012

Lucky Leopard
October 4, 2012
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October 31, 2012

Guides Report 16-Oct-2012

16 October 2012

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Hey all,

Another week at Leopard Mountain has passed and with the rain that just keeps on coming the reserve is looking more and more beautiful by the day.

As usual we have been having some incredible sightings, a stand out being the five wild dogs that were seen just before the weekend. The pack consisted of two adults and three sub adult puppies. Playing to true form the dogs put on a spectacular show for us turning a serene wildebeest sighting into a true African drama when an Impala came bursting through the herd with a wild dog hot on its heels.

Another group of animals seen looking for their next meal was our three male lions. During the sighting the lions started to stalk a nearby herd of male Nyalas. Unfortunately for the lions the Nyala bulls caught their scent and scattered. All was not lost though as after their unsuccessful hunt they walked within two meters of the game viewer to carry on with their day giving the guests an up close view of Africa’s biggest cats.

Some other exciting sightings have been a pair of hyenas seen relaxing in the road near the lodge. They not only provided visual but musical entertainment as the whooped for our guests while merely fifteen meters from the vehicle.

African crowned eagles have also been making a regular appearance in our fever tree forest where they have nested. This week provided us with our first sighting of their new born chicks.

A puffed up leopard cub was seen on the district road one chilly morning enjoying one of natures favourite pastimes, chasing flying ants. The youngster was unperturbed by the vehicle and carried on investigating the many flying ants on the ground.

We look forward to yet another week filled with excitement and adventure…