Guides Report 31-Oct-2012

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October 16, 2012
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Guides Report 31-Oct-2012

31 October 2012

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Hi Everyone,

This week has been busy with lots of activity around the reserve.

We enjoyed a very memorable sighting of a Cheetah kill just inside the main gate. A female with two cubs has been seen frequently there so if you’re on your way to the lodge, keep your eyes peeled as this is fast becoming her favorite spot to hunt.

One morning while out on trail in a remote part of the reserve our attention was drawn to a pair of Forked Tailed Drongos chirping loudly and bomb diving a tree, we cautiously approached and upon closer inspection we found a male Boomslang in the hollowed out tree. The snake was now trapped and had to spend the day holed up with no way to escape the Drongos who were determined to chase the unfortunate guy out of the area.

Buffalo have been grouping into massive herds and with the colder weather we’ve had recently they’ve been moving around more than usual. As the herds move through different areas it gives the local older males (dagga boys) a chance to join up with the herd and try their luck with the females, this has caused a lot of tension and clashes between males have been a frequent sight. This impressive display of power between the big bulls demonstrates just why they deserve to be a part of the BIG five.

Lions have moved into the vicinity and have been seen not too far from the lodge, their powerful calls being heard up to 8km away adding to the ambience of the evening sounds. On one occasion shortly after leaving the lodge we spotted three males making their way across an open plain, they were focused on any nearby movement in hope of flushing any game to hunt. With their size they need to rest often and eventually they came to rest on a dam wall where we joined them and had a fantastic sighting while they rested for the day.

Some of the bird species seen recently have been the Black Cuckoo, African Cuckoo, Paradise Whydah’s, Lappet Faced Vulture’s and the African Crowned Eagle who is doing well to raise its chicks which are still big white balls of fluff.

We all look forward to the week ahead…

the Ranger team