Guides Report 8-Mar-2013

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February 25, 2013
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Guides Report 8-Mar-2013

8 March 2013

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Hi Everyone,

The last few days were more than just an adventure; it was an experience full of entertainment and surprises! From just listening to the beautiful sounds of the open South African bush, to the amazing sighting of a male cheetah patrolling his territory and vocalizing. A Black mamba made his way through the branches, along with the spotted eagle owls soaking up the beauty and wonder of the millions of stars in the open summer sky. Tracking down the stealthy movements of the lions ended up in us witnessing the way these super – predators hunt; catching a warthog meters from the vehicle! We saw a couple of mighty rocks which turned out to be some lovely White Rhinos grazing and amazed us with their graceful presence, while on a separate occasion a Black Rhino chased an ostrich that was too close to his space. While roaming around and enjoying the breath taking scenery of our amazing mountains, we had a few encounters with massive herds of our powerful African buffalo. Some Amazing bird sightings this week from various eagle species soaring effortlessly to the beauty of the colorful Kingfishers. Hippos and crocs share the water sources throughout the reserve. This was just a short list of the amazing encounters we had the last few days, so come join us and see firsthand how the wild works and connects in extraordinary ways.

Until our next adventure…
Goodbye for now from,
The Ranger Team