Guides Report 6-Nov-2012

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October 31, 2012
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Guides Report 6-Nov-2012

6 November 2012

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Hello Bloggers,

Everyone has been starting to relax and take in the sights and sounds of early summer, enjoying some warmer temperatures and a bit of sun, as well as a variety of summer migrant birds such as the Pygmy and Grey-headed Kingfisher, Broad Billed Rollers, Violet backed Starlings, Black Cuckoos and Red Chested Cuckoos among others.

Just as you relax the bush has a way of keeping you on your toes, this past week our lions and wild dogs have caused quite a stir. Three male lions wondered quite a distance from their usual territory settling down in some grass plains not far from the lodge. The excitement continued when 2 days after they returned south 3 lionesses were seen passing the lodge road – and a lucky group watched as they stalked and attempted to hunt the abundance of game in the area. Could it be that a female is in estrus and is looking to mate? Have the males realized there is a potential pride to be formed? All these nail biting questions will hopefully be answered in the months to follow.

A breakaway pack of wild dogs surprised us just after the lions had left the area – running a mock as they chased down game in every direction. Wild dogs are extremely efficient predators and despite being an endangered species do very well for themselves in a safe environment such as our reserve. It was lovely to see them and the lions as well as many other interesting encounters in the past week – keeping us proud to be part of ensuring a safe future for South African wildlife.

Until next time – Have a great week!