Guides Report 20-Mar-2012

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Guides Report 20-Mar-2012

20 March 2012

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Hi all,

This last week has provided some interesting sightings as well as a few rarer species included.

The newly released Lionesses have played “hard to get” with our male Lions, but their confidence is growing daily and the big day when they join to make a pride is soon upon us.

We have seen male Lions and Wild Dogs make successful hunts merely meters from the vehicle for some of our guests this was their first time seeing this, bringing on mixed emotions.

A male Leopard and female Leopard have been seen providing some amazing photos, with the male showing his curiosity around the vehicle while out and about on his nocturnal activities.

Buffalo and Elephant have also been seen in numbers with a large amount of water around they are moving large distances each day.

Some rarer species on drive have included, a Swazi Rock Snake, Giant Legless Skink, Grey Hooded Kingfisher and an African Crake which is not in it’s normal distribution area.

We look forward to this next week and hope to see you soon.

Kind regards
The Ranger Team

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