Leopards Tale April 2019

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April 26, 2019
Leopards Tale May 2019
May 27, 2019

Leopards Tale April 2019

Cat’s Diary:

We are reaching the end of an era. While it’s sad to see our three originally introduced dominant males reach the end of their dominant years, it gives three of our younger males the opportunity to walk confidently through the reserve. Two of our much younger males have become a bit over-confident after chasing the previously dominant males out of their southern territory. Both the older Kalahari male and the younger male coalition have been heard bravely vocalising while regretfully the patriarchs hand over the crown.


It's not often we are lucky enough to witness what we refer to as ‘osteophagia’ – the chewing/eating of bones. And one would immediately think of a hyena, but it is a more unlikely suspect that catches us off guard whilst awkwardly sucking on bones – the giraffe. Animals that are known to do this are doing it primarily for nutritional reasons, usually to absorb calcium ad phosphorus not easily obtainable from their usual ‘vegetarian’ diets.

Lodge News:

It started as a normal autumn morning with an exceptional sunrise, and turned into an unforeseeable adventure. While most might not see the enjoyable or exciting part of this adventure, the guide – Jian – and four lucky guests got to experience a once in a lifetime voyage… that being bogged down (stuck in the mud) in a riverbed. While everyone excitedly scrambled around looking for rocks, or captured the moments on film, or vigorously dug through layers of clay, a rescue vehicle was on its way to pick everyone up and the vehicle was shortly pulled out of the mud.