Leopards Tale August 2018

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August 22, 2018
Leopards Tale Sept 2018
September 26, 2018

Leopards Tale August 2018

Cat’s Diary:

Confidence is ever-growing in the four young cubs. As we watch them grow in size, so does their confidence. A sighting of them on an early morning game drive revealed just how the brave the cubs are becoming. They assertively stalked one of the massive bull elephants as he walked briskly towards them. Obviously when the situation was grasped by the cubs they took cover near mom, evading the situation when danger got a bit too close and sheer size of the bull became evident. On a side note, there has been a confirmed sighting of Brandy with her two cubs. She is definitely hiding them up in the north of the reserve, away from the three old boys.


Seeing animals under the cover of darkness gives quite a different touch on the game viewing experience. From the very bizarre nocturnal species to active predators, night drives can sometimes be very interesting. That’s why witnessing a mostly nocturnal species active during daylight hours is quite a spectacle. Our guests were fortunate enough to witness a porcupine on an early afternoon drive casually eating the juicy greens at his feet. Quite a different sight watching the nocturnal rodent operating during the light of day.

Lodge News:

The lodge closed its’ doors to do renovations – focusing on the chalets - during the month of May. These improvements include outdoor showers on decks that have been extended, accompanied by new outdoor furniture. The scullery has also been upgraded while the entrance of the lodge has had a facelift as well.

Along with these renovations, a few new upgrades are still to come…