Leopards Tale August 2019

Leopards Tale July 2019
July 29, 2019
Amarula Cheesecake
August 28, 2019

Leopards Tale August 2019

Ranger Diaries:


  • Driving along the road saw a crowned plover fly off and something small running below, turned out to be the tiniest, sweetest crowned plover chick not yet able to fly.
  • On Mel’s way to work, she saw what looked like a log in the road but was actually a very large rock monitor catching the warm sun on the road.
  • Four sub-adult lions feeding on a male warthog at the famous Leopard Mountain Hide.
  • Black rhino characteristically stalking our vehicle.
  • Two hyena being chased by a herd of buffalo.
  • Watched a hyena catch a baby nyala in the dark.
  • Watched a crash of 15 white rhinos milling about, a young male started to get boisterous. and an older dominate male stepped in to put him in place.
  • Saw a male hyena being bullied by two females in a clan that passed the vehicle.
  • Saw her very first narina trogon whilst on a game drive.
  • While watching a bull elephant approach a group of nervous lions, an African Harrier-hawk tore the bark off of a tree and pulled out and devoured a tree agama.
  • While enjoying sundowners, watched an old buffalo bull stroll down to a small waterhole in front of us, to join us for a drink.


A bizarre and incredible happening of a cheetah mom who adopted another mom’s cub. She herself already had five cubs and took on one slightly older from another female cheetah who was left with two cubs. Quite a sightseeing seven cheetah walking around, especially when they had grown up a bit. This cheetah mom has been exceptionally successful and we hope to see them grow into healthy young adults. Interestingly, the individual who was adopted doesn’t seem to leave the adoptee's mom’s side, even for a second.

Lodge News:

We want to thank all that donated towards the SkyDive4Rhinos campaign. We managed to put all 3 of our jumpers into the plane, or rather we managed to push our 3 jumpers out of a plane. Melissa decided earth was a much better place to be and made the choice that it was far better to push her husband, Ivor (our previous Leopard Mountain Operations Manager and Trails Guide), out of the plane. So James, Jian, and Ivor all made the 10,00ft lunge all in the name of rhino conservation. A big thank you to all who made it possible and for donating to such an important cause.