Leopards Tale December 2018

Easy Roast Gammon
December 24, 2018
Traditional Chakalaka
January 28, 2019

Leopards Tale December 2018

Cat’s Diary:

One of our favourite older lioness’ two maturing sons have been seen vocalising as well as scent-marking. This is risky business when there are four much older and more dominant male lions roaming the reserve. Everybody has been waiting to see what result will come from an interaction between the two younger brothers and one or more of the four dominant males. Our questions were answered when all the males were found sharing a giraffe carcass one evening. Some words were shared, but claws were kept withdrawn and everyone remained relatively civil.


The season of pure cuteness has arrived, as miniature imitations of impalas, warthogs and wildebeest stumble around the reserve learning to coordinate their unsteady legs. The little balls of energy running around on wobbly legs fill the festive season with hours of utter entertainment. Calving begins at the start of our rainy season - after months of carrying babies – and peaks around Christmas time.

Lodge News:

We welcome back Mzi Matoti, who took a short break from the Leopard Mountain team to gain valuable experience working as manager of two great hotels. Mzi previously held the position of Food and Beverage Manager at Leopard Mountain in 2016 and 2017 and has returned as our Assistant Manager. He is a charismatic young man, enjoyed by staff members and guests alike as he brightens the atmosphere with his wit. We welcome Mzi back to the family and wish him all the best with his future at Leopard Mountain.