Leopards Tale Dec 2019

Red Velvet Cup Cakes
November 29, 2019
Cape Brandy Pudding
December 17, 2019

Leopards Tale Dec 2019


Lodge Manager Mel:

  • Under the spotlight saw a Genet hunting rodents in Mel’s garden.
  • Driving to work, watched a buffalo dagga boy in the pouring rain, covered head-to-toe in mud.
  • Watched a pair of Crested barbets building a nest from Mel’s garden.
Ranger Alex:
  • Different bird species competing for termites after the rain.
  • Msunduzi river flowing after a couple of months bringing life back into the reserve.
  • Fork-tailed drongos dive bombing pied crows.
Ranger James:
  • Watched a Wahlberg’s eagle being mobbed by a Gabar goshawk for almost 5 minutes.
  • Saw brand-new lion cubs melt from the rock face in the river after they had been hidden by mom.
  • Found three different species of owl on a night safari.
Ranger Jian:
  • Had a cowardly group of white rhino bulls bully a young cow to cross the road before the safari vehicle.
  • Saw a kudu bull use it’s impressive horns to break a branch off to reach the juicy leaves that were previously out of reach.
  • Had a sighting of a leopard stealthily crossing the path in front of the game viewer on a night safari.


November is the month for male cancer awareness and Ranger James was able to raise R1000 for the cause. He did this by growing a “mo” – a mustache – during “Mo-vember” and responding to comments made by friends about his new look. Well done James for sacrificing your “good looks” by growing a mustache for a good cause.


The festive season is here and from the lodge, we can see nature’s beautifully decorated Christmas trees with their pretty pink and yellow lanterns. The babies have also been spoiling us as we see the pathways littered with warthog piglets and impala lambs.