Leopards Tale February 2019

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February 26, 2019
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Leopards Tale February 2019

Cat’s Diary:

An incredible interaction between an unusual grouping of lions had guests and guides entertained for almost a week. While we are not sure who the culprit was for supplying dinner for all who were gathered, it sure attracted a few visitors. We were lucky enough to witness one of our older male lions securely gripped on to the hind leg of a wildebeest while surrounded by two much younger male lions as well as a lioness and her four cubs. This group of eight are not typically seen together, and even though the meal wasn’t shared civilly amongst the group, they remained in the presence of one another for almost a week.


A fairly young adolescent male elephant has decided it is time to join the big boys. Although normal behaviour for much older males when chased out of the herd by the matriarchal females, this young bull was far too ambitious. The mature bulls did not seem to mind this young tag along, but after a good few weeks he finally decided to go back to mom and the herd as his rebellious stage dwindled.

Lodge News:

Chef Senzo is the lodge’s “Valentine’s Baby”. To share your birthday with the widely celebrated “day of love” must put a lot of pressure on a person’s partner. So… Chef Senzo’s wife made the ultimate romantic gesture and surprised him with a visit on Valentine’s Night. Happy Valentine’s Month to all, hope you all felt as special as our “Valentine’s Baby” did..