Leopards Tale Feb 2020

Leopards Tale Jan 2020
January 18, 2020
Watermelon Sorbet (No Ice Cream Machine Needed)
February 26, 2020

Leopards Tale Feb 2020


The trees are smiling as more than a million new bees now call Leopard Mountain home. With bee numbers declining worldwide, what better way to increase their numbers by giving them a safe haven within a protected area. With plenty of trees and flowers around, they will also be a great help to the natural pollination of the flora in the area.


The new male lion coalition has really fit into the game reserve dynamics quite snugly. With the strength in their bond, they roam from the North to the South with confidence, displacing other male lions as they mark their new territories. This photogenic pair have been spotted frequently mating with a number of different females across the reserve. We hope to see their offspring in the mix soon.


Lodge: It;s been a busy month for the LM family. Mel our General Manager had a 15-minute drive turn into 45 minutes when a male lion hogged the road on the way back to her house. Ingrid our administrator watched as two cheetah walked by after relocating a snake back into the bush. Gcina our Food and Beverage Manager, had to take a 20-minute detour to get back to his accommodation when a herd of elephants took the lodge road hostage.

Ranger Alex: Exceptional encounter with the elephants from the North who came to visit after some heavy rains. Great sighting of some buffalo chasing lions away from the waterhole. Cheetahs hunting right at the lodge entrance.

Ranger James: Watched a lioness hanging from a tree for 30 minutes trying to escape a herd of around 100 buffalo. Witnessed a Southern African rock python slide into a reservoir after being frightened by a few giraffes coming to drink. While watching a Large spotted genet sleeping in a tree, a Fork-tailed drongo began mobbing the genet.

Ranger Jian: Watched while 4 cheetah stalked an impala all morning, and finally managed to catch two impala lambs. Whilst driving along the riverbed one evening we realised we were surrounded by baby chameleons! Witnessed a young male lion completely cover himself in buffalo dung.

Ranger JP: Got to witness a serval hunting mice. Fantastic sighting of wild dogs relaxing on the road. Had a rare sighting of a shy aardvark taking a stroll along the road.