Leopards Tale July 2018

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June 21, 2018
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July 26, 2018

Leopards Tale July 2018

Cat’s Diary:

The four cubs are really starting to find their feet and build up their confidence. Mom and two cubs were out of sight and relaxing just over the ridge while the other two were playing their part on “pride rock” – a typical Lion King scene. An unknowing impala stumbled upon this scene – with wind blowing the wrong direction and the scent of lion strong in the air the impala mistook us as an obscure looking predator. Not convinced after a few moments of sussing us out, the impala scurried in the opposite direction - with two inquisitive lion cubs silently watching him - he walked straight into the sleeping lioness and cubs. Not quite sure who got more of a shock - surprisingly nobody was hurt and everybody was left with a major adrenaline rush. To add some other news, Brandy was sighted hunting a warthog recently and there were definite signs of suckling. We hoping to catch a glimpse of the cubs soon…


An incredible sighting from chalet 3 as a large male leopard made its way across the hill opposite from the room. After watching the animal, for about 20 minutes, walk in and out of the thickets, we eventually lost visual. Later we saw him walking in the riverbed below the lodge for about 2km before being chased off into the bushes by a large baboon. Fantastic sighting from the comfort of the lodge.

Lodge News:

Nkosikhona “Alfred” Zwane is young gentleman who was born right here in the Manyoni community in Zululand. He was previously a manager at Debonair’s Pizza for ten years. He left Debonair’s to be closer to home and to his daughter. Alfred started off as a casual – temporary staff member - here at Leopard Mountain and has now joined our permanent staff as a butler. He is excellent with guests and we hope that he stays with the Leopard Mountain family for many years to come.

Congratulations Alfred here's too many more successful years with Leopard Mountain!