Leopards Tale July 2019

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July 29, 2019
Leopards Tale August 2019
August 28, 2019

Leopards Tale July 2019

Ranger Diaries:


  • In the headlights ahead, watched a caracal attempting to hunt a scrub hare, on the way home from work.
  • On the way to work, watched two sub adult cheetah playfully climbing a fallen-over tree on the side of the road.
  • While enjoying a day off, Mel and her wonderful children watched an elephant bull slowly walk past her garden.
  • Watched a brave black rhino lead a crash of white rhino past the game viewer on their way to the waterhole.
  • Watched two sub adult cheetah, about a year of age, fearlessly defend their mother’s impala kill from two greedy hyena.
  • Spotted a well-known white rhino, who survived a poaching incident, with her week old calf.
  • Watched two dominant male lions chase each other, while vocalising and covering each other’s fresh scent-marks.
  • Watched an interaction unfold between a family of five lion and a spotted hyena in the riverbed below the lodge, the hyena narrowly escaping death.
  • A pack of five wild dog chase off two spotted hyena after being harassed for their hard earned meal.
  • Observed a half hour struggle between a Stiletto snake and a Giant legless skink, while the skink relentless fought for its freedom.
  • Listened to two spotted hyena vocalise next to the vehicle while watching a large bull elephant devour a Marula tree, under the full moon.


One of our oldest cheetah females – first to be released onto the reserve – often keeps us on our toes when she vanishes, just to reappear with her newest additions to our cheetah population. A massive accomplishment, she has successfully reared two from her last litter into adulthood. She has been seen after a recent vanishing act with four cubs, one of which was mesmerised by guests and came to greet us.

Lodge News:

The fight against rhino poaching is an ongoing struggle and Leopard Mountain has accepted the challenge to jump out of a perfectly good plane for the sake of rhinos. We are looking for donations towards this cause in which if we reach our target, three staff members, Ranger James, Ranger Jian and general manager Melissa, will jump from 10,000ft to raise funds for our anti-poaching initiatives.