Leopards Tale March 2020

Watermelon Sorbet (No Ice Cream Machine Needed)
February 26, 2020
Roast Leg Of Lamb
March 20, 2020

Leopards Tale March 2020


The local indunas (chiefs) were invited to be apart of naming our newly released African wild dog pack. They were present for the release of the pack back onto the game reserve after an intense bonding process. The pack was named “Siyavikela” in isiZulu, which means “We Protect”. The pack now consists of two of Manyoni Private Game Reserves females and four new males from Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Park. This is to increase genetic variation within the African wild dog population. Good luck to the Siyavikela Pack!


An incredible and unusual phenomenom of two “unrelated” male lions forming a temporary coalition has been seen on the game reserve of late. A young male - who lost his brother to other dominant male lions - and our oldest male – the last remaining survivor of three brothers – are often seen tolerating the existence of each other, to form a temporary coalition whenever the two new male lions visit the south of the game reserve. A rather unusual sighting…


Lodge Family: Manager Mel watched a group of warthogs having an absolute ball in a mud wallow beside the road outside the lodge. Food and Beverage Manager Gcina was delayed when he had to wait for the very slow chameleon to cross the road. The lodge family was thrilled to have a very small nyala lamb take refuge at reception to escape the summer heat.

Ranger Alex: Followed the African wild dog pack on an early morning hunt. At sunset, watched an Ostrich dust bathing. Had a lonely Spotted hyena taking a stroll down the road during early hours of the day.

Ranger James: After a fight, one hippo was chased out of a natural dam and kept out by another more dominant hippo. Watched the alphas from the African wild dog pack mating in the riverbed.

Ranger Jian: Disturbed a large African rock python wrapped around an impala lamb. At a waterhole, watched a group of grumpy old buffalo bulls chase everyone else away from the water – desperate times! While following two lionesses on the hunt, had a pair of Black-headed orioles displaying and mating.