Leopards Tale May 2018

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May 24, 2018
Leopards Tale June 2018
June 21, 2018

Leopards Tale May 2018

Cat’s Diary:

The rumours regarding all our older lionesses having cubs may in fact be true. A lioness was spotted by our anti-poaching unit with two very small cubs – younger than any of the cubs previously seen. Knowing all the other females have cubs, also slightly older – we can safely assume that this lioness must have been Brandy. With this being said, we had discussions about possibly having the first incident of infanticide. [Infanticide is the process whereby male lions eliminate any cubs that they did not sire]. The solitary eastern lioness was seen for three consecutive days, mating with one of the three old boys – with no sign of her cub. Against all odds, she was spotted with her cub looking healthy and playful.

To get the full story leading up to this follow the link:


We had two guests check in at the lodge and stay for three days. A pair of cheetah have been hanging around in the parking lot and drinking from the warthogs’ water bath, keeping the Leopard Mountain staff very entertained.

These two sub-adults have recently left the comfort of their mother and have been seen attempting some rather unsuccessful hunts on game drive. We wish them well on their road to adulthood!

Lodge News:

We celebrate an 8 year anniversary with Melissa Van Rooyen, our renowned general manger, who started with us on the 1st of April 2010. Melissa intended on staying with us for 3 months to sort out a few matters and ended up doing such an outstanding job that she stayed for another 8 years.

Congratulations Melissa and too many more successful years with Leopard Mountain!