Leopards Tale May 2019

Leopards Tale April 2019
April 29, 2019
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May 27, 2019

Leopards Tale May 2019

Cat’s Diary:

Considering the vast land that our animals are able to freely roam, having a lioness and her four subadults catch not one but two blue wildebeest right on our lodge’s road was truly fortunate. The event kept these five lion right on our doorstep for at least 2 full days. While this was a considerable teaching opportunity, mom definitely did not take any chances when having 5 mouths to feed. While she secured a fully-grown blue wildebeest (gnu) cow, her subadults were able to refine their all-important hunting skills on the calf. Definitely an amazing event to be a part of.


The two young cheetah that were often seen around the lodge are massive success stories when it comes to the future of the threatened cheetah populations globally. The female was relocated to another reserve to add her genes to their population whilst her brother has remained on our reserve as a completely new genetic line. He has also shown great success and guests were able to see him make a successful kill.

Lodge News:

Upon finishing our annual upgrade last year, we came to the conclusion that the elegant finishes that we had made needed to be complimented with a fine finish in regards to furniture. After months of back-and-forth decision making, the morning came sooner than expected and our emotions were running wild as we had one day to complete this massive task. Guests were whisked off to enjoy a picnic in the riverbed while their chalets were transformed. It was surreal looking upon the finished rooms, it’s been quite the journey from the days when we laid our first cornerstone.