Leopards Tale Nov 2019

Leopards Tale Oct 2019
October 29, 2019
Red Velvet Cup Cakes
November 29, 2019

Leopards Tale Nov 2019



  • Three young cheetahs and their mum checked into the lodge for 3 nights and could be seen anywhere from the deck and chalet one to chalet nine during the course of their stay.
  • Staff were visited by four hungry lionesses’ who tried to hunt some warthog around the accommodation.
  • Impalas dropping the first calves of the season.
  • An African rock python lifting its body half a meter off the ground picking up on a scent.
  • Intense fight between dung beetles over a dung ball.
  • Got my first African Emerald Cuckoo.
  • Watched a Yellow-billed Kite catching flying termites for about 10 minutes.
  • Got a black rhino bull 3 days in a row.
  • While watching two young cheetah siblings hunt, had a herd of buffalo and two white rhino join us.
  • Had a fascinating sighting of a Yellow-billed hornbill digging through old elephant dung for termite larvae.
  • White rhino mom and calf relaxing in the shade.
  • 24 girrafe feeding in the open all around us.
  • Herd of buffalo at the waterhole drinking and cooling down.


A quick announcement over the radio grabs everyone’s attention and just as we were about to give up all hope, a lioness has been seen with new cubs. Whisking over to the area, we see the tiny figures clamber out of the thicket. At least three miniature lion forms stumble in and out of a small hole in a thicket to feed on a meal caught by their untiring mother. Hopefully we get to watch these cubs flourish to maturity.


We are extending our wild dog family to include four new males. Our two current males will be bonded with a new group of females and will be moved to another reserve. This is all in the name of conservation to improve genetic diversity across the very small wild dog population worldwide. For now the two groups – four new males, and two of our three females – are undergoing a bonding process in two separate bomas next to each other. Because of intricate wild dog pack dynamics, bonding is vital before releasing the pack back into the reserve. We hope to see our family of six wild dogs roaming the reserve shortly.