Leopards Tale Oct 2019

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September 30, 2019
Leopards Tale Nov 2019
November 28, 2019

Leopards Tale Oct 2019



  • Had a lioness and her two subadult male “cubs” pass right by the vehicle on the way to work one morning.
  • Watched five lions stalking nyala in the riverbed in front of the lodge.
  • Melissa returned home, after some quality time with the family, to 100+ buffalo crossing the driveway.
  • Viewed the elephants from the comfort of the hide when they came down to drink while on safari.
  • Young male lion chased away four hungry lionesses after he stole their hard-earned kill.
  • Had four young lions chased away by a herd of buffalo when they came down to the waterhole for an afternoon drink.
  • Seeing all the summer migrants return from their summer holidays, the rollers, bee-eaters, swallows, and so many more.
  • Had black rhino repeatedly mock charge the vehicle – what an adrenaline rush.
  • Witnessed a successful lion hunt of a young wildebeest.
  • With a very enthusiastic group of birders, I got to see my first pink-throated twinspot, what a beaut!
  • A cheetah mother teaching her cubs a necessary hunting lesson, letting them kill an impala lamb after she caught it.
  • Followed a male lion to two females, where he stole the warthog they had just caught.


Embellishing a few walls around the lodge are large prints of some feathers Jo Vivier has been collecting over the years. Creating unique spaces within the lodge can be quite a challenge. These exquisite feathers have been collected from various different species and one can have fun around the lodge playing “guess that bird?”


One of our lionesses was seen mating with a young male a couple of months ago and we are starting to see results. Clear signs of pregnancy as she shows a distended belly as well as swollen mammary glands. She is also starting to show “nesting” behaviour, looking for a suitable and safe area to have her cubs. We are holding thumbs for this expectant mother.