Leopards Tale Sept 2018

Leopards Tale August 2018
August 22, 2018
Pap Tart
September 26, 2018

Leopards Tale Sept 2018

Cat’s Diary:

Brandy’s young boys have really found their feet in their solo adventures. At around two and half years old they have transformed from female imitations into handsome young males with striking –albeit small - manes, almost overnight. These two boys were often mistaken as a couple of lionesses and now their masculinity is quite obvious. With this being said they really have to watch their backs while trying to dodge confrontations with our four much older and more dominant males. So far the boys have proved to be quite foxy and have survived quite a few encounters.


While guests and guides were out on a morning game drive, the staff at Leopard Mountain were visited by one of our local female cheetahs. She has been frequenting our receptions small waterhole and has been seen chasing nyala through the turning circle. While doing the morning housekeeping she was witnessed by staff with a fully engorged belly, lazing about not three meters away from chalet 6’s private deck. Towards the end of drive, guests were spoiled to the sight of her disappearing behind staff accommodation where she was later encountered on a walking safari.

Lodge News:

Jian Sarah Du Plooy has been at Leopard Mountain Safari lodge for a year and a half after completing a Bachelor of Sciences degree in Zoology and Entomology. She has shown a growing interest in the creepy crawlies in and around her office environment where she was office administrator and head of housekeeping. While working in the office, she completed her FGASA level 1 and eagerly waited for an opportunity to get out into the field. Finally that occasion has arrived and she is now a field guide. Congratulations Jian!