Leopards Tale Sept 2019

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August 28, 2019
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September 30, 2019

Leopards Tale Sept 2019

Ranger Diaries:

Mel/ Lodge

  • Before heading off to work, watched a serval stalking a steenbok on the firebreak outside my house.
  • Watched a side striped jackal try and stalk a pair of crown plovers on the fire break at my house.
  • Saw a herd of elephants drinking from a reservoir on the road to the lodge.
  • Two hyenas patrolling the western boundary on a night drive.
  • One of our younger dominant male lions mating with one of the oldest females.
  • Lions mating just off of the road - first time for me!
  • Five lions drinking from a waterhole 5 metres from the vehicle.
  • Drinks stop at a dam with hippos and was visited by some rhino and a herd of buffalo, all with a stunning sunset.
  • Enjoyed the presence of a black rhino when a growl caught our attention and the rhino chased the lions off into the distance.
  • Watched a herd of elephants come to the rescue when a nervous mom needed help to get her calf across a tricky section of a mud wallow.
  • Had an interesting interaction between two young male lions and one of our dominant males - a father-son bonding experience.


Nature requires genetic diversity to thrive, roughly every 3 years we will add a new genetic line to our lion population on the reserve. From a reserve in Limpopo, we welcome two new brothers, around 5 years of age, with strong Kalahari genes. These two magnificent males will be kept in a boma for 6 weeks in order to get them settled into their new home. Soon they will be released into the reserve to stir up the genetic pot. Excited to see the new male dynamics.

Lodge News:

You can take the field guide out of the bush but you can not take the bush out of the field guide. When guides are “cooped up” in an office to catch up on their admin work, outside distractions are more than welcome. Ranger James and Ranger Jian were captivated by Zululand’s incredible butterfly collection hovering over flowers outside the window while being held captive by their office duties.