Love Knows No Boundries… or Continents 

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January 13, 2014
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January 27, 2014

Love Knows No Boundries… or Continents 

Posted by: Victoria Lundgren

Love knows no boundries… or continents 

To be the new one in any situation is exciting, scary, thrilling, unnerving, fun, tricky, but most of all an experience to grow. I’m sure you know exactly how it feels, we have all been there.

Right now I’m one of the new ones here at Leopard Mountain, but also in South Africa. As a Swede, coming down here means basically everything is new and different. People down here sit and drive on the wrong side of the road, its 35 degrees C plus outside instead of 20 minus. Everything is big; elephants as well as bugs. You speak strangely and so many languages than I even have a chance to learn any. You live in Hakuna Matata mode where time isn’t the most important thing; which can be both very frustration as well as relaxing, and so on.

But despite all the differences the LM crew have welcomed me with open arms and a big heart and it didn’t take long before it felt like my new home, thank you guys. There have none the less been some bumps in the road. For example, I was going out on game drive one afternoon and when the evening came it started to get a bit cold. I innocently proclaimed, “Goodness, I should have put panties on tonight!”. The whole vehicle went quiet. I realised my mistake and quickly explained what I really meant; pants, not panties, and a very awkward moment turned in to hysterical laughter.

I know I’m going to make mistakes, even if I don’t like it I realise it’s fine, even good. To put yourself in a new situation means you are going to make errors, it means you are going to learn from them and develop both skills and personal growth. Remember that when you are the new one, everything feels difficult.

The reason I came down here is simply love, love to a boy, love to adventures, love to the country and to the bush. It’s been all the things I wrote in the beginning about being new and more. So dare to be the new one and you will win. I’m simply living the dream… the amazing, lovely, so special South African dream.