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September 24, 2012
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Lucky Leopard

04 October 2012

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Hello Bloggers,

As the weather continues to surprise us and the river continues to flow our days in the bush have become even more fascinating. Our elephants have been spotted on a few occasions taking advantage of the delicious new shoots on a variety of tree species.

Some amazing sightings of Black rhino, both alone and in groups have really made us realize how lucky we are to be in the heart of Zululand. Our rangers have had two Black Rhino bulls on separate occasions moving through a similar area spraying urine and raising their lips in full flemen grimace mode – either interest in a female or some territorial competition being responsible for these interesting antics.

Birdlife is still on the rise and the highlight of the week has been awesome sightings up close and personal with Secretary birds, Tawny Eagles, Bateleurs and a Greater Honeyguide.

One group was especially lucky this week running into a young male leopard in the riverbed – the 40minute sighting left everyone speechless as he stalked and lost interest in potential prey, climbed up and walked across a sycamore fig tree and clambered around another realizing going up was easier then getting down. It was truly a learning curve for everyone – including the young leopard. Hopefully this is a sign of good things to come as summer creeps closer.

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Have a great week!