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February 14, 2012
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March 10, 2012

Painted Dogs

21 February 2012

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Gallivanting (Painted) Dogs

Hello everybody…

This past week has been slightly wet, with many tiresome and resting animals. Although not quiet all around, the Painted Dogs (slipped under the fence from Tanda game reserve) have been extremely busy wandering all over the show. They would usually stick to the open grassy areas as for their own safety from other predators, but this time round they’ve been weaving in and out of the thickets trying to get lucky with a meal.

We saw them on 2 occasions;

Firstly, early one morning they were lying on the main road, when an impala and her lamb were strolling straight in their direction, the Wild Dogs locked on and bolted right at them. The lamb ran in the wrong direction in all the confusion and, sadly for some, became their breakfast. It really was a ‘fast break’, as after the 5 mins it took them to consume their meal they were on their way looking for another.

On another occasion they were gallivanting through a dense guarri thicket and came upon a blue wildebeest bull, his three wives and a calf. The Wild Dogs, as perfectly designed for hunting as they are, were planning a way to get to the calf. It seemed as if the plan was to tire out the bull by urging him to chase them so they could spook the females and eventually separate the calf. The Wildebeest bull was having none of this. He chased them frantically in all his strength and stamina, when after 30mins of this the dogs gave up and ran off with empty stomachs… Amazing how in nature anything can happen and persistence only pays off sometimes.

Thanks Dylan