Relax, Unwind and Rejuvenate Under The African Skies

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February 29, 2016
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March 14, 2016

Relax, Unwind and Rejuvenate Under The African Skies

Posted by: Leopard Mountain Lodge

Now that the festive season has come and gone, most of us are back at work only with a shimmering tan to remind us of the good ol’ days! Lazy days spent in the pool trying to get some sort of relief from the scorching KZN heat. During these times sun kissed times most of us tend to neglect our daily beauty rituals. While sunshine and relaxed festive vibes are great they do tend to take a toll on our hair, body and skin in the long run.

This is why our summer special entails treatments such as Facials, a Distress & Repair hair treatment, Balancing scalp and leg ritual – just to mention a few. This summer our focus is on the Distress and Repair hair treatment. You find people saying “summer bodies are made in winter,” indeed keeping fit and healthy is essential, going to the gym is the best decision one could make BUT what about your hair? What about your body tension and stress? Your hair carries the most energy in your entire body, which is why we therapists flick our hands right through the scalp during our treatments. This is a process whereby therapists release the energy from the client’s hair; reason being is that in most cases 90% of the energy is negative energy, simply accumulating because of our daily Jobs, stress, environment etc. There’s a saying that goes “when you look good, you feel good” in a therapists world this saying is true vice versa. When you feel good, you look good because the beauty of a person lies within them.

This treatment begins with a hair wash with our Africology shampoo, followed by a scalp and hair treatment with the use of our Africology conditioner, this is massaged into the scalp and thorough penetration is ensured hence our scalp massage is no less then 15 minutes. Thereafter we perform a shoulder and facial pressure point massage, stimulating blood flow in all these areas. Our conditioner is one of many of our master products, the results are amazing. The exciting part about it is the fact that it is a leave in conditioner, clients are advised to leave it for as long as they can before washing their hair. Body treatments are exciting to us therapists especially if you do treatments with the best products such as Africology. Let us share our excitement with you, explore our result orientated product and witness our amazing treatments.