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Special Sightings

3 July 2012

Posted by: Guides

This last week has been a nippy one, but on the other hand the days have been beautiful blue skies in the African bush

Some of the highlights,

The week started off with an amazing sighting of four black rhino, they showed them selves in an open area with small sickle bush trees from which they were feeding from, in this crash of rhino was a calf of around 2 to 3yrs with mother alert and ready to protect her little one at all costs, it was up to the guides to approach carefully and pull off an awesome sighting of around 20 mins spent with these amazing animals.

While tracking down Lion one evening Andrew picked up on some Kudu barking in the nearby distance as this alarm call indicates predators, the excitement rose in everyone, the barking Kudu lead Andrew and his guests to a Cheetah male who was casually walking in the road, we believe this particular Cheetah is keeping a safe distance from the Lions hoping to pick up on left over’s from any kills.

Out of the Buffalo sightings one in particular being a memorable one, with the moon out lighting up the night sky a big herd of Buffalo was seen drinking at a small dam and shortly after, surrounding the vehicle as their curiosity got the better of them allowing our guests to get up close and personal.

The ever elusive Leopard, on evening drive through the dry river bed our tracker Donald stop us in our tracks to investigate some eye shine that he’d seen, on a closer inspection it was two young Leopard cubs tucked away within a small over hang just off the river bed in a rocky out crop, mother was not to be found as she was most likely out hunting.

On the smaller side of things Porcupine, Genet, Bush babies, Sunbirds, Scops owlet, Red Duiker, Black shouldered kites and Jackal have all added to the enjoyment of game viewing this week.

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