Spectacles of Autumn

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April 19, 2012
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May 1, 2012

Spectacles of Autumn

23 April 2012

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Good morning fellow readers.

Just an update of the past few days, as the have been wonderous.
The weather is acting rather strange this time of year in autumn. It’s hot for 2 days and cold the next, which is great for sightings because the animals rest when it’s chilly and burst into action as it gets warmer.

A male Cheetah has been spotted on a few occasions. Early one morning he was tracked for 200m and was eventually found having a drink of water a mere 3m from the road, looking up every so often to make sure there were no other predators around, as bigger predators will kill smaller predators just because they may be competition. The same Cheetah was seen from a distance in an open grass plain starring nervously at a large tower of Giraffe which were slowly approaching him. The Giraffe eventually caught up and chased him off, tail between his legs.

A big herd of Buffalo, 60 strong, have moved back into an area they frequently use in winter. The herd consists of a dozen subordinate bulls and a colossal dominant bull, which surround and protect the 40 odd females and calves. The lodge road has been covered with dung patties showing their presence, and as a good indicator you will often smell a herd of buffalo before you see them.

A white-tailed mongoose was spotted digging through the scrub for grubs and insects. This is a nocturnal mongoose, but also known to be crepuscular coming out at dawn and dusk to feed.

The sun is still hot creating the most perfect thermals, a play ground for the raptors, and they have come out in their numbers. Fifteen White-backed Vultures were seen on an Impala ram carcass, which had died in a fight, and after a while the rare White-faced Vulture and Lappet-faced Vulture popped in for a secretive nibble. A Vervet Monkey was spotted hiding itself in the canopy of a tree, when we had realised why, with the massive Martial Eagle flying just over head. (A perfect meal for a Martial Eagle). A couple of special birds that have been seen are the African Harrier Hawk, Bateleur, White-eared Barbet, Grey Cuckooshrike and Crowned Hornbill.

Take care