Stunning Sun Rises And Sun Sets

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May 29, 2012
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June 19, 2012

Stunning Sun Rises And Sun Sets

11 June 2012

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The season of stunning sun rises and sunsets is upon us. This time of year there are many cold fronts moving over head and with them comes a bit of cloud cover, mainly in the mornings and evenings. The suns rays shining on these clouds bring a spectacular array of colours from light oranges to dark reds. Sailors have a saying ‘If it’s red in the morning it’s a sailors warning, and if it’s red at night it’s a sailors delight’. This saying refers mostly to the wind.

Early one morning one of our rangers picked up on fairly fresh Lion tracks heading in an easterly direction down the road and he continued to follow them. He tracked them for a whole hour weaving through the bush and back onto the road. These Lions were definitely on the hunt. Eventually the tracks disappeared into a thicket, so the search for them was over. On the way back to the lodge on the western side of the reserve, where the tracks were originally found, there lay 3 male Lions in the road fast asleep. These massive brothers were on a mission the whole evening, probably walked up to 12km, and so they had the perfect excuse to be completely bushed.

The breeding herd of Elephants, mothers, babies and an enormous bull were seen feeding in and amongst a thicket, crashing over trees as if they were match sticks. A pregnant adult female was seen lactating so hopefully a new life will be joining the herd soon.

Talking of youngsters, a white rhino cow was spotted running through the bush towards the vehicle, when all of a sudden she stopped in her tracks and stood dead still. It was quiet strange to work out what was going on, but then a smaller set of legs popped out from under her. She was just allowing her young calf, which no one could see, to suckle. What a beautiful sight.

Some other great experiences have been of a Secretary Bird hunting Snakes, Hyenas calling out in the night, a huge breeding herd of 80+ Buffalo blocking off the road coming just meters from the vehicle one evening, and a brief sighting of a Leopard running parallel with the lodge road then disappearing into the bush.

Until next week from the Ranger Team