The Lion Hunt

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January 2, 2012
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The Lion Hunt

16 January 2012

Posted by: Guides

Good morning all.

We’ve had 2 busy weeks pass, and special animal sightings all over the show.

The 3 lion brothers are growing up and are exploring vigorously. They seem to be slowly defining a territory as they’ve been hanging in and around a certain area for the past week. On a couple of occasions the dominant male has been heard vocalising, a new ‘truly African’ sound to Leopard Mountain. The brothers have certainly been eating well… They were found, having fed on a massive warthog boar, lying on their backs with legs in the air happily digesting one afternoon.

One beautiful dark evening, with a gentle breeze, we found them in the road stretching, getting ready for a hunt. We followed them sneaking their way through the thicket and onto an open plain. In the distance there were 2 buffalo bulls happily bathing in a mud wallow. We moved across the grass plain and parked the vehicle into a position as not to disturb them. The 2 more dominant lions trapped the one buffalo up against a thorn bush from either side, and were moving in for the kill. All of a sudden the buffalo had enough of this and charged at the lions, chasing them both off with their tails between their legs.
The 2 year old lions are still inexperienced, but taking chances is the best way to learn.

On the birding side of things we’ve noticed a new immature female bateleur taking to the skies and a male spotted eagle owl perching in the area. One morning we had a small flock of white fronted bee-eaters flying back and forth over our heads. It was very nice to see them as according to their distribution map Leopard Mountain is on the fringes of the regions they occur in.

Have a great week.
Hope to see you all soon